you are not broken

You aren't. The fact that you can’t concentrate, can’t follow through, can’t plan; and sometimes “can’t even..” has a lot less to do with your ability and a lot more to do with your condition. This concept is at the core of gratitude and glamour.

If I am right, you are a person who really wants to be organized! You would LOVE to be one of those gals who is always put together, or maybe you just want to feel content in your own skin. Advertisers and magazines would have you believe that you are just one product away from perfection. The truth, girlfriend, is that you were already perfect; some junk just got in your way.

My job is to help you get BACK to the place you were in before all the junk, before other people told you who you are and how you need to be.

As a coach for empaths and highly sensitive people, I know you have tried to do it on your own. You kept the journal. You drank your water. You bought a planner, but then life happened, and it all fell apart.

I get it. I know exactly how you feel, and I can help. I have helped hundreds of women just like you reframe their beliefs and remove blocks to their success. Through my work in direct sales, I helped many women triple their revenue. I have helped some find their soulmate, and others still to simply find a renewed excitement for their lives! I love what I do and truly believe this is where I was always meant to be. This is the foundation of gratitude and glamour.

For as long as I can remember I have been fascinated by transformation. I remember standing with my dad at one of those mall kiosks, watching him teach people how to see those magic eye posters. He would stand with these perfect strangers coaching them on how to change the way they looked at the image to see it in 3 dimensions. That aha moment when they finally saw it was magic and it really stuck with me. I knew I wanted to help people see things differently too.