Master Your Empath Gifts, Master Your Life

Grow from unaware to empowered empath- heal, dream, and live 


So many empaths and highly sensitive people (HSPs) struggle to live the life they truly desire and deserve, because we experience life differently than others, leading with our emotions more often than logic.

Chances are high that you...

  • Literally FEEL what your friends are going through which triggers intense emotions like anger or anxiety
  • Often take on the pain of others at your own expense, which leaves you feeling drained and emotionally exhausted
  • Are an introvert and crowds can be energetically overwhelming
  • Are living your life with the emotional volume turned up to level 10, and you want to turn it down a few notches
  • Talk down to yourself which keeps you stuck, scared, and terrified to fail

Here is what I also know to be true about you, amazing empath. You have unique abilities and skills that come super naturally to you:

  • Your generosity is deep and you wear your heart on your sleeve
  • You are a great listener and an excellent friend
  • You are VERY intuitive, emotionally intelligent and might even possess a “sixth sense”
  • You have the capacity to live a full, happy, and healthy life!

By appreciating and honoring all that YOU are, you will no longer feel alone and helpless to your sensitivities. It’s time to see your abilities as the gifts that they are.

There are a few key elements you need to move from having a life full of uncertainty and anxiety to one of control and fulfillment.

Wouldn't It Be Dreamy If...

When you wake up in the AM...

You are completely in control of how you are living your life! You no longer look longingly at others wishing you had what they had, instead, you are living the life you've always wanted!

When you sit down to work...

You have a game-plan to follow to achieve any goal you desire. No more sitting helpless wondering where your life will take you and if you will ever catch up with your to-do list!

When you go to sleep at night...

You quickly recap your day with a smile on your face as you drift off into a happy, peaceful sleep. You don’t toss and turn and overanalyze everything that happened during the day. You are confident and no longer a slave to your emotions.

Are you ready to acknowledge and take steps toward living the life you are meant for? A life full of abundance even if you are a highly sensitive person?

What if being an empath could be a good thing? I can show you how to get there.

Introducing the Unstoppable EMPATHS System!

A lifetime, go at your own pace program jam packed with 7 modules and 70 + videos, worksheets, meditations,resources and lessons designed to completely change your life!

Each module is carefully calibrated to give you only the most crucial information to get you fast results that LAST. Once you learn this information, it’s programmed into your brain forever. You won't revert back to the old way of thinking, pinky promise!

The Unstoppable EMPATHS system is unique because it’s designed for an empath by an empath; which means you get information broken down in bite-sized chunks that will give you quick wins with extra support so that you’re never left feeling overwhelmed.

Once inside the program, you will learn the 7 key areas of focus an empath must master to use their superpowers to their full capacity.


Energy Management 

The first step toward mastering your empath abilities is learning the significance of energy. This module teaches you why energy is a crucial part of human existence and ways to change yours at a moment's notice! 


Manifesting is a superpower empaths possess but if you aren't careful it can backfire! This module takes you through the creative process and how to make it work for YOU! 

Personal Power 

Your worries and fears don't have to control you anymore! This module shows you how to face your fears head on so they never control you again! 


Now that you realize your power to shape your reality, what do you do? This module walks you through creating affirmations that speak to you and impact lasting change! 

Time Management

Time Management is tricky for even the most organized person, but for an empath it can be impossible! In this module I teach you my empath friendly time management method that will leave you feeling productive and accomplished! 

Healthy Boundaries 

Healthy boundaries help cultivate true intimacy--genuine and balanced exchange or energy and ideas. Learning how to establish boundaries helps empaths stay safe and in control. 

Self Care 

Self care is a vital part of anyone's life but it is especially crucial for empaths. In this module we create a self care plan and tie it into your newly managed schedule to ensure that you make time for this important ritual. 

Here’s exactly what you get once inside UES:

  • Instant, lifetime access to 6 modules with over 70 lessons, including downloadable worksheets, guides, planners, challenges, and videos 
  • Exclusive bonus content to a library of 18+ and growing bonus resources, totally curated for you to enhance your growth and learning beyond the program. 
  • Lifetime access to the Private Facebook Membership – a judgement free zone to connect with others just like you 
  • Monthly group coaching calls inside of the Private Facebook Membership 
  • Direct 1:1 support via email from your Empath Coach, AmyLee
  • Bonus: Affirmation Cards 

    The Affirmation Cards will add a little positivity and light to your day! Use them when you need an attitude adjustment or just want to strengthen your manifestation power.

  • Bonus: Binaural beat audio files

    These audios are designed to entrain your brain to a specific frequency that help you achieve better focus and deeper concentration. 


You need a guide who understands not only how you FEEL, but more importantly HOW you feel.

Meet Your Trusted Guide and Empath Coach, Amy Lee 

I know you, I’ve been you, I am you.

I have felt all those same pains that you might be feeling right now.  I have cried (I still do) and questioned my path and woken up more determined than ever...only to go through the cycle again.

I have experienced all of your struggles and found my way to the other side. After years of studying the law of attraction, reading hundreds of books and spending hours upon hours soul searching, I developed a process by which you can take control of the inner voices telling you that your goals are impossible. With simple actionable steps, you will take control of your life and shut down your inner critic for good.

My clients tell me I have a “special sauce” that I believe truly makes me different from all of the other coaches out there. Just know that sprinkled throughout this program and with the email support and fb group, that I will be there for you every step of the way to challenge your limiting beliefs in such a loving way that’s going to give you aha after aha moment.




Here’s what a few other Empowered Empaths have to say about the program:

Its time to wake up each and every day to a life that’s filled with more JOY and more PURPOSE.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the event of financial hardship, payment plans can be arranged. Please email me at [email protected] to discuss terms for payment plans. Please allow up to 36 hours for a response. 

Because the information and materials are delivered immediately upon purchase, there is a strict no refund policy. 

If you are still not sure if this is the right program for you, feel free to book a call with me and  I can help you see if you might be a good fit. I have no issues sending you to the RIGHT resource if this isn't it, even if it isn't me! 


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